For many Venezuelan mothers, the challenges of migration don’t end after leaving their children in Venezuela. While in search for better lives, these women are often followed by societal inequalities throughout their migration process. Many have been forced to turn to sex work due to the lack of stable, well-paying economic opportunities available without legal documentation to work in Colombia. This is the story of one mother who is willing to do this if it means earning enough money to bring her children to Colombia.
Following Amy Sayle, an astronomy educator, this is a story filled with wonder and awe about the world around us. She works at the Morehead planetarium in Chapel Hill, NC, but her passion for astronomy and teaching doesn’t end there.
Master woodworker and native North Carolinian Eddie Hamrick has crafted pieces for everyone from U.S. presidents to famous musicians. Yet, Hamrick has experienced countless trials throughout his life, including recovering from a coma during the middle of his career. He retaught himself the skills of the trade and is now as busy as ever and about to take on the interior of his 20th church.
Music has been a part of J.A.M.M., or Jeremiah’s, life since he was a child and would freestyle alongside his dad. Now, he is a high school student in Durham, NC, and is hard at work pursuing his music career.